Datasheet of S80 Series-Laser Distance Sensor With Time of Flight Measurement

This datasheet presents information about interface, serial interface, range, distance, and sensors. In this datasheet the reader can get information regarding distance sensors, detection, sensor, and response.

Many information regarding measurement range, data, the maximum deviation, and laser distance sensors are presented inside the datasheet. The following are taken from this datasheet:

High precision and speed • Proximity measurement range scalable from 0 to 7 m • Retroreflex measurement range reaching 20 or 100 m on reflector • 4 digit display and RS485 serial interface S80 SERIES The S80 series, in the compact sturdy metal housing, offers innovative class 2 laser distance sensors with time of flight measurement. This technology, based on the measurement of the time between the emission and receipt of the laser light pulses, effects accurate distance detection. The S80-Y0 and S80-YL0 sensors function as proximity on respectively a 0.3 – 4 m distance, or from 0.3 to 7 m with scalable range, in object positioning or detection application

Even more, the datasheet tells us information about measurement, flight measurement, retroreflex measurement range, and direct measurement.

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