Datasheet of S81 Series Laser Distance Sensor

This datasheet presents information related to flight measurement, distance sensors, distance measurement, and switching frequency. Lots of explanation related to sensor, distance, and measurement are explained in this datasheet.

Inside this datasheet you can find information about the switching threshold, response time, and sensors. These are selected from this datasheet:

S81 SERIES S81 distance sensor line offers the best solution for all the applications where cost reduction is requested, without compromising the detection or measurement performances. The class 2 Laser emission and the exclusive time of flight measurement of light technology assure extreme precision in the distance measurement, with range up to 4 meters. The high resolution is not a limit for the sensing speed, reaching 5 ms response time and 80 Hz switching frequency. Thanks to only two push-buttons for different distance threshold setting, the automatic sensor setting is very easy and accurate for the two independent NPN or PNP outputs. The sensor is available in two different versions: S81-…Y for distance measurement with an additional 0-10 V analogue output, or S 81-..

Furthermore, the datasheet presents more such as switching threshold, threshold, and output.

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