Datasheet of Sensitec Magnetoresistive Current Sensors

Lots of discussion like current measurement, accurracy, current sensor, output voltage, and current sensors are presented inside the datasheet. In this datasheet the reader can find things such as current, magnetoresistive, sensitivity, and compensation.

The datasheet tells you discussion like output, sensors, accuracy, and measurement range. The following are grabbed from this datasheet:

Your Partner for MagnetoResistive Sensors MagnetoResistive Current Sensors For Peak Currents up to 220 A Type CMS2000 – SP3 standard CMS2000 – SP10 premium Applications Special Properties • Rotary current and Servodrives • Assembly without Iron Core • Power Supply Units • Small and Compact Design • Solar technology • Excellent Accuracy • Medical Technology • Integrated Resistor • Same Assembly for all Current Measurement Ranges • CE – sign, UL-recognized • RoHS conformity Data sheet DB-E-CMS2000-051129-2 MagnetoResistive Current Sensors Type CMS2000, standard and premium version for Peak Currents up to 220 A The global miniaturization of electric systems in modern industrial applications is setting new challenges regarding the cost and size of electronic components and sensing devices.

Furthermore, the datasheet presents discussion about magnetoresistive resistors, measurement, the anisotropic magnetoresistive, and range.

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