Datasheet of SKYE Light Sensor-SpectroSense2+Meter for NDVI

This datasheet presents information related to resolution, light sensors, sensor, and ranges. In the datasheet you can find info related to measurement, readings, voltage, and wavebands.

There are many info related to light, inputs, measurements, and light measurements are described in the datasheet. These are selected from this datasheet:

LIGHT SpectroSense2+ Meter for NDVI Logging display meter for visible and NIR light sensors NO WI W T GP H S Incident & reflected light measurements Matched to satellite wavebands Direct readout of NDVI Automatic logging of measurement location via GPS Ideal for ground truth measurements Skye Instruments are specialist manufacturers of light and radiation sensors since 1983. The SpectroSense2 hand-held meter is a new addition to the range for use with several single sensors or with 2 and 4 channel sensors. SpectroSense2+ is an 8-channel meter with a 4 line display for 8 light sensors or wavebands simultaneously. Readings can be displayed as individual measurements or as ratios between pairs of wavebands, e.g. Red / NIR.

Giving more content, the datasheet gives you information about range, sensors, radiation, and calibration factors.

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