Datasheet of Smart Laser Sensor-SLS-050

Inside this datasheet we can get info like the ethernet interface, sensor, and laser. There are many explanation such as vision systems, system, and the smart laser are described in this datasheet.

The datasheet contains info regarding interface, smart laser, and ethernet interface. Below are some excerpt from the datasheet:

SLS-050 is a new generation laser sensor for all types of mechanised, automated and robotic welding applications. The sensor uses the well established triangulation principle to generate 3D profiles of the weld area, which are then analysed in the sensor head. The unique feature of Meta’s new Smart Laser Sensor family is that it integrates high quality full frame image processing within the sensor head itself. The sensor communicates with other equipment in the welding cell via a breakout board which provides a laser safety interface together with power supplies and protection.

Giving more content, this datasheet contains discussion things like smart laser sensor, laser sensor, and pixel resolution.

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