Datasheet of Smartec Pressure Sensor

Many explanation around the offset value, excitation voltage, excitation, and sensor are explained in the datasheet. Inside this datasheet you can learn description about range, temperature range, and pressure sensors.

The datasheet gives the reader explanation like resistance, pressure sensor, pressure, and sensors. Below are excerpted from this datasheet:

The Smart Pressure Device SPD series of pressure sensors are silicon based and encapsulated in modified plastic Dual In Line packages, to accommodate six pins for through-board printed circuit mounting. The sensors come in two distinct types: Gauge and absolute. The gauge type merely measures the pressure with respect to the atmospheric pressure. The absolute type contains a reference vacuum chamber, which is formed on the die during manufacturing. The output voltages of both types are proportional to the pressure that is measured. Various pressure ranges are available. On request, other ranges and encapsulations can be supplied. Please contact our sales department for more information

Furthermore, the datasheet tells us info such as temperature, gauge, and temperature coefficient.

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