Datasheet of SMT16030 Digital Temperature Sensor

In this datasheet you can learn things about equation, temperature sensor, the temperature range, temperature range, resolution, measurements, and sensors. This datasheet gives the reader explanation about standard deviation, microcontrollers, range, accuracy, polarity, and sensor.

Lots of information about microcontroller, measurement, sampling, frequency, output, temperature, and smart temperature sensor are presented in the datasheet. Here are selected from this datasheet:

Absolute accuracy ± 0.7 °C Linear output within 0.2 °C Resolution better then 0.005 °C Duty Cycle output Calibrated on chip TTL, CMOS compatible Temperature range 175 °C (-45 to +130 °C) Directly connectable to data input of microprocessor Easy multiplexing of multiple sensors Typical applications Heater systems Measuring instruments Washing machines Overheating protection Appliances Introduction The Smartec temperature sensor is a sophisticated full silicon temperature sensor with a digital output. The one wire output (duty-cycle modulated) can be directly connected to all kinds of micro-controllers without the need of A/D conversion.

Additionally, this datasheet explains info regarding noise, the output signal, signal, linearity, deviation, and output signal.

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