Datasheet of Speed Sensor-MiniCoder GEL 247

Inside the datasheet you can find info about signals, signal pattern, output signals, and electromagnetic compatibility. The datasheet presents info regarding square wave signals, square wave, frequency divider, and module.

Many information such as signal, temperature range, range, and installation are presented in this datasheet. The following are selected from this datasheet:

The MiniCoder family from Lenord + Bauer offers spacesaving solutions for the contactless measurement of rotational movements with direction sensing. The MiniCoders operate from 0 Hz on for the detection of very slow movements without pulse loss and up to 25 kHz for the direct integration into high-speed motors and machines. The high interference immunity ensures reliable function even under adverse operating conditions. This MiniCoder GEL 247 with its standard flange and unique design solves almost all installation problems.

In addition, the datasheet contains information things like output, frequency, and speed.

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