Datasheet of Strainstall Laser Distance Sensor

Inside this datasheet we can learn info regarding distance, optical unit, and the optical unit. The datasheet contains info around standard range, temperature range, and laser.

Lots of info regarding optical, sensors, and sensor are presented inside the datasheet. Here are some excerpt from this datasheet:

Laser Distance Sensors THE WORLD of load measurement and stress analysis S trainstall These are the standard laser sensors designed for vessel approach systems. They comprise a laser electronic unit which computes the distance from the time a transmitted laser pulse takes to be reflected back to the unit, and an optical head which incorporates lenses to control the transmission and reception of the laser beam. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Measures distance in excess of 300 metres Measures approach and drift-off Eye Safe Class 1 certified lasers

Giving more content, the datasheet presents info around distance sensors, output, and range.

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