Datasheet of Submersible Dissolved Oxygen Sensor With Data Loging

The datasheet contains info related to sensor, and rs232 adapter interface. Lots of info related to oxygen sensor, and instrumentation are described in the datasheet.

Inside this datasheet the reader can find explanation like dissolved oxygen, and dissolved oxygen sensor. Below are taken from this datasheet:

Measures Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature Over 65,000 records in non-volatile memory Fluorescence sensor technology No membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges No replacement caps required Sensor does not need water movement, flow, or frequent cleaning Does not require frequent calibration 1.66 inch diameter – fits easily in 2-inch wells Easy-to-use software Programmable warm-up time Easy export to spreadsheets and databases Compatible with WaveData® Wireless Data Collection Systems

Even more, the datasheet contains more about interface, and oxygen.

Download Datasheet of Submersible Dissolved Oxygen Sensor With Data Loging pdf
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