Datasheet of Tamura Current Sensor

The datasheet tells you information about magnetic flux, power supply, magnetic core, effect, and sensor. Many explanation around current sensors, current, hall effect, the magnetic flux, and loop current are presented in the datasheet.

In the datasheet you can find description like magnetic, loop current sensor, hall, sensors, and output. Here are some excerpt from the datasheet:

Current Sensor Information Page Hall-Effect Current Sensor Features: Current Transformer Features: • Measure: DC, AC, and Pulsed waveforms • Measures AC only • Electrical Isolation • Galvanic Isolation • Fast Response • No Power Supply • Lower Cost • Zero Insertion Loss • Cost Effective The Basic Principle Open Loop Operating Principle In a hall effect-based current sensor, the magnetic flux, proportional to the primary current, is concentrated in gapped magnetic core containing the hall effect device (Fig.

Also, this datasheet contains info about principle, current sensor, the magnetic core, and the current sensor.

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