Datasheet of TC72 Digital Temperature Sensor with SPI Interface

Inside this datasheet the reader can find information regarding temperature sensor, continuous temperature conversion, the temperature data, conversion, voltage range, and single temperature measurement. Lots of info like range, digital temperature, the operating range, the continuous temperature, temperature accuracy, and system are presented in this datasheet.

The datasheet presents explanation around accuracy, temperature, temperature error, sensor, temperature data, and temperature range. These are some excerpt from this datasheet:

The TC72 is a digital temperature sensor capable of reading temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. This sensor features a serial interface that allows communication with a host controller or other peripherals. The TC72 interface is compatible with the SPI protocol. The TC72 does not require any additional external components. However, it is recommended that a decoupling capacitor of 0.01 µF to 0.1 µF be provided between the VDD and GND pins. Temperature-to-Digital Converter SPI™ Compatible Interface 10-Bit Resolution (0.25°C/Bit) ±2°C (max.)

Also, this datasheet presents discussion things like the adc converter, serial interface, the temperature conversion, digital temperature sensor, temperature measurement, and temperature conversion.

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