Datasheet of Temperature Sensor 4050

There are lots of info around sensor, temperature sensor 4050, and measurement systems are described inside this datasheet. The datasheet contains discussion related to temperature, measurement, and temperature sensor.

Inside this datasheet the reader can learn info about sensor 4050, measurement range, and output format. These are some excerpt from this datasheet:

The sensor is based on a thermistor-bridge. A Digital Signal Processor controls the sampling of the bridge and calculates the calibrated temperature in engineering units. The sensor is housed in a rugged titanium cylinder. The processed data is available as either RS232 or Aanderaa SR10 output. The user may configure the measurement range on the SR10 output; best accuracy is achieved with a short measurement range. Aanderaa RCM 9 or RCM 11 and connected to the Main Control Board (Electronic Board) with a short cable, Sensor Cable 3854.

Also, the datasheet presents discussion around response time, and accuracy.

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