Datasheet of Temperature Sensor 4060

Lots of discussion related to temperature sensor 4060, sensor, and temperature are presented in this datasheet. This datasheet presents things such as data, and other measurement systems.

Inside this datasheet the reader can learn things about output, and measurement systems. Here are selected from the datasheet:

Temperature Sensor 4060 D363 – February 2010 TEMPERATURE SENSOR 4060 Temperature Sensor 4060 is a compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the water temperature. Temperature Sensor 4060 advantages: • Smart Sensor technology • Plug and Play Sensor • Calibration coefficients are stored in the sensor • Depth rating of 6000 meters • Short response time, less than 2 seconds • Rugged and Robust with minimal and simple maintenance needs • Resolution: 0.001ºC • Accuracy: ±0.03ºC • Output format: AiCaP CANbus, RS232 The Temperature Sensor 4060 is an intelligent sensor designed to be used on AADI SEAGUARD® Platform as well as in other measurement systems (RS232).

Furthermore, the datasheet presents discussion regarding response time, and temperature sensor.

Download Datasheet of Temperature Sensor 4060 pdf
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