Datasheet of Temperature Sensor Ni1000SOT

Lots of discussion related to temperature coefficient, soldering, packing units, measurement, high precision, and resistance are explained inside this datasheet. The datasheet gives us information related to temperature sensor, lead frame material, characteristic, and sensor.

In the datasheet the reader can read description such as thin film, temperature, basic resistance, temperature coefficient, and resistance temperature. Here are chosen from the datasheet:

The Ni1000SOT is a temperature sensor for use in contact temperature measurement The measurement of temperature is for many applications the most important measurement for safety and reliability of systems. Ni-thin film Resistance Temperature Detectors (Ni-RTDĀ“s) are manufactured by PVD-deposition on silicon substrate. In the next step the resistance meander is photolithographically structured by wet chemical etching and finally the thin film structure is covered by a passivation layer for environmental protection. Finally these chips are diced and mounted on the lead frame in the SOT23 package. This technology allows producing very small size, low cost, high precision and long term stable temperature sensors.

Furthermore, the datasheet presents info such as lead frame, nickel temperature sensor, mechanical dimension, operation temperature, storage temperature, and measurement specialties.

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