Datasheet of TMP05/TMP06 Accurate PWM Temperature Sensor in 5 Lead SC 70

Many information related to temperature range, temperature equation, signal, power consumption, temperature measurement, and specifications are explained inside this datasheet. In this datasheet the reader can find information related to ambient temperature, temperature error, resolution, conversion, range, and temperature accuracy.

This datasheet tells you information related to temperature sensor, temperature resolution, power dissipation, pulse width, accuracy, and microcontroller. Here are selected from this datasheet:

Isolated sensors Environmental control systems Computer thermal monitoring Thermal protection Industrial process control Power-system monitors The TMP05/TMP06 are monolithic temperature sensors that generate a modulated serial digital output (PWM), which varies in direct proportion to the temperature of the devices. The high period (TH) of the PWM remains static over all temperatures, while the low period (TL) varies. The B Grade version offers a high temperature accuracy of ±1°C from 0°C to 70°C with excellent transducer linearity. The digital output of the TMP05/ TMP06 is CMOS-/TTL-compatible and is easily interfaced to the serial inputs of most popular microprocessors.

Additionally, this datasheet explains information about conversion rate, frequency, output, output frequency, and temperature.

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