Datasheet of TMP12 Airflow and Temperature Sensor (Analog Devices)

Many info related to scale factor, applications, temperature coefficient, transistor, setpoint programming, reference, load, device, tmp12, temperature range, supply voltage, lead heater, heating, error sources, accuracy, sensor, setpoint, and package are described in this datasheet. The datasheet contains information regarding supply current, heater, comparator, voltage reference, hysteresis generator, thermal proximity, setpoint voltages, cooling, generator, pcb, circuit, components, programming, output voltage, performance characteristics, collector output, and supply.

Inside the datasheet we can find explanation regarding input, supply rejection, range, digital potentiometer, board layout, airflow, cooling system, comparator input, accuracy error, thermal conductivity, operation, power supply, relay, drift, control, time constant, and load resistance. These are grabbed from the datasheet:

The TMP12 is a silicon-based airflow and temperature sensor designed to be placed in the same airstream as heat generating components that require cooling. Fan cooling may be required continuously or during peak power demands. For example, if the cooling systems of a power supply fails, system reliability and/or safety may be impaired. By monitoring temperature while emulating a power IC, the TMP12 can provide a warning of cooling system failure.

Additionally, the datasheet gives the reader more about hysteresis, temperature sensor, current, setpoints, case temperature, junction temperature, temperature setpoint, voltage, hysteresis current, window comparator, temperature, power, error, system, self heating, open collector output, and output.

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