Datasheet of TS180-001 Turbo Speed Sensor

Inside this datasheet we can get explanation such as turbo speed sensor, tachometer, and speed sensor. This datasheet contains discussion related to output, probe, and speed sensor specification.

Lots of explanation regarding sensor, operating temperature, and output frequency are described in the datasheet. These are selected from this datasheet:

TS180-001 Turbo Speed Sensor Specification TS180-002 Probe Dimensions Material / Weight Head Size Installation Approx 52mm overall (42mm probe length) Brass approx 60gms 10mmAF 6.2mm diameter hole threaded M7 by 1 Tip of sensor must align with blades Maximum off-axis installation 10 degrees Gap up to 1.5mm recommended, 2.0mm maximum Cable Length 1 metre terminated in IP65 rated connector Max Operating Temperature 200 degree C TS180-003 Module Dimensions Material / Weight Fixing Operating Temperature Probe Connection Indicator Connections Red Black White Approx 70mm wide, 32mm high, 86mm deep Anodized Aluminium approx 315 gms Screwed to bulkhead through mounting tabs 85 degrees C via IP65 rated socket with dust cap Red LED indicates ā€˜Nā€™ on power up & flashes with speed 2 metre length flying leads in braided sleeve +12V supply (min 8V max 15 volts) at approx 30mA Ground (negative battery terminal) Data Logger / Tachometer drive (blade frequency divided by 10N where ā€˜Nā€™ can be p

Giving more content, this datasheet contains info such as specification, speed, and sensor specification.

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