Datasheet of TSPC 30S1 Series Distance Sensor

Lots of discussion related to performance, range, multi sensor, distance, and sensors are described inside the datasheet. The datasheet contains information about sensitivity, maximum range, serial data connection, and sensor.

In the datasheet we can read information about outputs, distance sensor, delay, and interface. The following are some excerpt from this datasheet:

ToughSonic®/PC Distance Sensor Windows PC or Button Setup, Waterproof, Multiple Output TSPC PC Configured Non-Contact Ultrasonic Distance Measurement sensors and SenixVIEW software put the power of ultrasonics in your hands yet retain the simplicity of pushbutton TEACH setup. You can quickly adjust, optimize, save and clone your applications without calibration! ToughSonic sensors contain a rugged transducer in a stainless steel sealed housing for long life. Outputs are proportional or controlled by measured distance. Damage is eliminated because nothing touches your materials. Numerous applications exist in all industries.

Also, this datasheet gives you info around target response, time delay, optimum range, and voltage output.

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