Datasheet of TWN-LUX Light Sensor

Inside this datasheet the reader can learn information such as maximum load, standard calibration, and light. This datasheet tells you information such as current loops, and lux.

Lots of discussion like the output reading, and light sensor are explained inside this datasheet. These are selected from this datasheet:

Input Output -Voltage -Current Power Supply Current Draw -Voltage Output -Current Output Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Adjustable from 1~10lux to 0~1000lux Nominal. Output Impedance = 1kΩ (Note: With a 12Vdc power supply output may only rise within approx. LED Sensor Note: TWN-LUX + V+ mA Vout COM 1 2 3 4 Only one output (mA or V) need to be connected. Turn the Trimpot clockwise to increase the output reading, and anticlockwise to decrease the output reading.

Even more, this datasheet contains information about sensor, and specifications.

Download Datasheet of TWN-LUX Light Sensor pdf
File size: 1.019 MB, number of pages: 3, download server:
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