Datasheet of Vektrek Current Sensors

There are many discussion regarding current, response, sensors, and sensor are presented inside this datasheet. In this datasheet the reader can find info related to measurement, bandwidth, specifications, and calibration.

This datasheet presents things about hall effect, impedance, amplifier, and frequency response. These are excerpted from the datasheet:

Vektrex Current Sensors Isolated Hall-Effect Current Sensors: • Models 0-320A • AC, DC, or pulsed DC current • 0.5% accuracy (0.2% typical) • Embedded or Laboratory use • NIST traceable • Galvanic isolation • 650kHz bandwidth • Voltage output In-Line Current Sensor Copyright 2009, Vektrex, Version 1.18 2/17/2009 Overview For embedded or laboratory applications requiring accurate measurement of DC, pulsed DC, or AC current, the Vektrex VCS series HallEffect current sensors provide high-bandwidth current sensing with an amplified output.

Additionally, the datasheet gives us more things like data acquisition, current sensors, and current sensor.

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