Datasheet of Vishay Ambient Light Sensor Development Kit

Lots of things around liability, ambient light sensor, light sensor, and ambient light are explained in the datasheet. Inside the datasheet you can learn explanation about sensor responsivity, sensor, conversion, and sensor development kit.

The datasheet contains information related to applications, gain, data, and configuration. Below are some excerpt from the datasheet:

The ambient light sensor development kit allows developers to quickly and easily evaluate any of Vishay’s ambient light sensors. The development kit is built-to-order that includes the sensor board, adapter board and Windows® based software. The sensor board includes the customer’s selected ambient light sensor, a programmable preamplifier (PGA), a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter and an I2C bus interface. The adapter board serves as the bridge from the I2C interface to the PC port. It also provides power to the sensor board.

Furthermore, the datasheet contains info about preamplifier gain, ambient, and light sensors.

Download Datasheet of Vishay Ambient Light Sensor Development Kit pdf
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