Datasheet of WARP Speed Sensor Kit

The datasheet presents information about sensor output, signal, and sensor module. Inside the datasheet we can find things such as hall effect, the sensor module, and installation.

Lots of information related to sensor, the sensor output, and application are described in this datasheet. Below are taken from this datasheet:

The sensor mounts to the tail shaft of many motors to measure RPM through a variety of possible display options. By knowing your motor’s speed, you will have more control of your motor’s ef´Čüciency and ability to ensure a safe operating RPM range. What’s included? We have included everything needed to capture the speed of your motor and connect to your system to display your RPM. The stainless steel bracket attaches to the tail-end of your motor using the included bolts to hold a Hall effect sensor.

Also, this datasheet tells us discussion things like hall effect sensor, and speed sensor.

Download Datasheet of WARP Speed Sensor Kit pdf
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