Datasheet of Wind Speed Sensor SolData 110wss

In this datasheet you can learn information such as wind, instrument, and speed. This datasheet contains explanation regarding wind sensor, and sensor.

There are lots of explanation like wind speed sensor, speed sensor, and calibration are presented inside this datasheet. Below are some excerpt from the datasheet:

Wind Speed Sensor SolData 110wss 110wss-Wind Speed Sensor.wpd Calibration sample Calibration setup Calibration setup: test instrument and reference instrument are mounted on a moving vehicle. Wind sensor sample calibration against reference standard. has been calibrated against an identical instrument which was tested in a wind tunnel by Friedrichs & Co. The polarities are: Figure 1 shows the comparison between your instrument and the calibration reference. SolData Instruments calibration checks each instrument in this manner before delivery to our customers.

Even more, the datasheet explains discussion such as wind speed, and calibration setup.

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