Datasheet of Zpulse Doppler Current Sensor 4420/4520, 4420R/4520R

There are many information like transducer, doppler current, output, current sensor, and doppler current sensor are described inside the datasheet. The datasheet presents explanation related to range resolution accuracy, doppler, resolution accuracy, and sensor.

In this datasheet we can get explanation related to range, power consumption, smart sensor, signal, and single frequency sensor. The following are taken from this datasheet:

Features ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor : • Unique ZPulse® multi-frequency acoustic technology improves data quality, sampling speed and reduces power consumption. • Smart sensor for easy integration on the SEAGUARD® platform. • Built in solid state three axis tilt compensated compass. • Direct readout of engineering data. • Fast sampling rate. • Low power consumption. • Insensitive to fouling • Low maintenance needs • 4420/4520 model: AiCaP and RS-232 output • 4420R/4520R model; RS-422 output The ZPulse® Doppler Current Sensor (DCS) is a single-point current sensor primarily intended to be used with the AADI SEAGUARD® platform to form a Recording Current Meter (RCM). It is designed for commercial as well as research use.

Additionally, this datasheet presents information such as speed, range resolution, frequency, and accuracy.

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