Delphi Pressure Sensor Datasheet

Lots of explanation about charged engine intake, manifold absolute pressure, intake manifold, and absolute pressure are presented in the datasheet. This datasheet gives us information like pressure, pressure sensors, engine intake manifold, and manifold pressure.

In this datasheet we can find explanation about intake manifold pressure, sensors, signal group, and engine. The following are excerpted from this datasheet:

Delphi’s Pressure Sensors can also be trimmed to your own specifications. Typical Applications Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Manifold Absolute Pressure and Temperature (MAP/MAT) Barometric Pressure EGR Pressure Brake Boost Pressure Fuel Vapor Pressure Air Filter Quality Turbo-charged Engine Intake Manifold Pressure Super-charged Engine Intake Manifold Pressure Diesel Engine Pressure

Furthermore, this datasheet contains information things like manifold, engine intake, and charged engine.

Download Delphi Pressure Sensor Datasheet pdf
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