Design and fabrication of a hybrid silicon three-axial force sensor for biomechanical applications

The paper contains explanation around flexible, typical hysteresis cycle, flexible structure, high resolution, hysteresis cycle, interface, signal conditioning, sensitivity, resistance, research interests, device layer, typical hysteresis, and packaging. Many things like shear load, three axial force, sensor design, piezoresistor, characterization, carrier chip, fabrication process, actuators, silicon sensors, engineering, conditioning circuit, and three axial tactile are presented inside the paper.

Inside the paper the reader can learn information such as sensing chip, biomechanical measurements, hysteresis, force sensor, layer, axial force, dimensions, sensing element, linearity, pads, signal conditioning circuit, process, and silicon. Below are grabbed from the paper:

This paper presents the design and development of a silicon-based three-axial force sensor to be used in a flexible smart interface for biomechanical measurements. Normal and shear forces are detected by combining responses from four piezoresistors obtained by ion implantation in a high aspect-ratio cross-shape flexible element equipped with a 525 m high silicon mesa. The mesa is obtained by a subtractive dry etching process of the whole handle layer of an SOI wafer. Piezoresistor size ranges between 6 and 10 m in width, and between 30 and 50 m in length. The sensor configuration follows a hybrid integration approach for interconnection and for future electronic circuitry system integration.

Additionally, the paper explains information around electronic engineering, design, biomedical robotics, sensor, force, buried oxide layer, load, piezoresistors, device, measurements, medical applications, and oxide layer.

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