Design and Implementation of Diaphragm Type Pressure Sensor

This paper contains things regarding tire, calculation, journal, volts, sensitivity, technology, tire pressure, voltage, receiver unit, resolution, unit, temperature, power function, pressure, gauge, error, bridge, sensor, and conditioning circuit. Inside the paper we can read info regarding monitoring system, range, characteristics, strain gauge, inflation pressure, value, hysteresis error, diaphragm pressure transducer, tire pressure levels, figure, transmission, transmitter, engineering, design, type, diaphragm, strain distribution, and measurement.

There are lots of information around system, signal, input value, receiver, input, input signal, distribution, output, output voltage readings, scale output sensitivity, sensor characteristics, frequency, equation, preamble, data, pressure sensor, deflection, and output voltage are described inside the paper. The following are excerpted from this paper:

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors air pressure and temperature in the tires of a motor vehicle, and that generates a signal indicative of the tire pressure and temperature in each of the tires to increase the vehicle performance and safety. Present work is based on the design of tire pressure monitoring system which includes pressure sensor, an RF-communication unit, signal processing unit and display unit. To sense the changes in inflation pressure, a diaphragm based pressure sensor was designed to be used in pressure measurement of the tube. The inflation pressure was transmitted to the receiver side using ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band at 433.92MHz and ASK (Amplitude-Shift Keying) modulation scheme.

Additionally, this paper contains discussion things like radial strain, transfer function, transducer, strain, hysteresis, scale, tire pressure monitoring, transfer, circuit, monitoring, stress distribution profile, repeatability, dynamic range, pressure transducer, function, circular diaphragm, bridge circuit, and pressure monitoring system.

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