Design Note About SoC Temperature Sensor

In the design note we can find info regarding temperature sensor, instruments, applications, and temperature. Many things like resolution, the temperature sensor, the output voltage, and wireless are explained in the design note.

This design note gives you explanation like sensor, output voltage, bits resolution, and analog temperature sensor. The following are some excerpt from this design note:

To make sure that the error in calculated temperature is within ±2°C it is necessary to perform a 1-point calibration, as the output voltage from the ADC might have an offset compared to what is shown in Figure 2. The easiest is to perform a 1-point calibration at room temperature by simply measuring the output voltage from the temperature sensor at 25°C. 5.1 Measuring the Output Voltage To measure the output voltage from the temperature sensor, the temperature sensor must be selected as input to the ADC. This is done by setting ADCCON2.SCH[3:0] = 1110

Even more, this design note contains info around sensor parameters, temperature calculation, and temperature sensor parameters.

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