Design of An Ultrasensitive Force Sensor

In the paper we can read info regarding amplitude, tunable spring, output signal, positive perturbations, resonators, cross section, electrodes, force, spring mass model, and stability. There are many explanation around sensitivity, tension, beam, mass, weakly coupled resonators, axial tension, electrostatic spring, axial force, resonance, and force sensitivity are explained inside the paper.

The paper gives you discussion such as localization, resonant, perturbations, mode localization effect, sensor, layer, resonant force sensing, significant improvement, spring constant, and force sensor. Here are grabbed from this paper:

In this paper, the design of a novel ultrasensitive MEMS resonant force sensor utilizing a mode localization effect is presented. This new type of resonant sensor is constituted of several weakly coupled resonators and by measuring the amplitude ratio of designated resonators, a significant improvement in sensitivity is observed, compared to conventional frequency shift measurements. Furthermore, compared with conventional cantilever force sensors, the sensor is shown to be less constrained by the trade-off between sensitivity and stability along the axis of sensitivity, thus higher sensitivity and better stability can be achieved at the same time.

Also, the paper explains information things like force sensing, coupled resonators, localization effect, resonant sensor, spring, structural layer, high sensitivity, frequency, dielectric constant, and constant.

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