Detcon Model DM-534C Oxygen Deficiency Sensor

The instruction manual contains info around gas, operation, sensor, adjustment, transmitter, assembly, oxygen sensor assembly, head wiring connection, circuit, wiring connection, connector board, calibration, and mounting. Many information around splash guard, installation, mounting applications, display, control circuit, sensor placement, enclosure, adjust, connector, cell, interference data, switches, and instructions are described in this instruction manual.

Inside this instruction manual we can read info like instruction, oxygen, calibration adapter, setting, application, signal, 534c, normal atmospheric concentration, detection, calibration mode, concentration, power, and oxygen sensor. The following are selected from the instruction manual:

One of the primary features of the sensor is its method of automatic calibration which guides the user through each step via instructions displayed on the backlit LCD. The sensor output is a standard 4-20 mA signal. The microprocessor-supervised electronics are packaged as a plug-in module that mates to a standard connector board. Both are housed in an explosion proof condulet that includes a glass lens. A 16 character alpha-numeric indicator is used to display sensor readings as well as the sensor’s menu driven features via a handheld programming magnet. The sensor technology is of the two-electrode, galvanic metal air battery type cell, which is housed as a field replaceable plug–in module.

Additionally, this instruction manual explains info about current status, wiring, gas level setting, field wiring table, instruction manual, remaining sensor life, manual, range, sensor technology, output, remote mounting, and electrical codes.

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