Development of Pressure Sensor Cell for Fuel Leak Detection

There are lots of info such as trimming scheme, leak, operating pressure, amplifier, output, fuel, pressure, leak detection, compensation circuit, sensor, pressure sensor, high burst pressure, protection devices, and specifications are presented inside the product overview. In the product overview the reader can learn description around thickness, detection, surface, conventional pressure, improved linearity, standard specifications, development, product, sensor circuit, voltage, chip, amplifier, and temperature.

This product overview presents discussion regarding pressure range, wheatstone bridge, fuel leak detection, devices, accuracy, protection, circuit, design, pressure design, sensor output, compensation, compensation circuits, gauge, and conventional pressure sensor. The following are some excerpt from this product overview:

As a result of the OBD (on-board diagnostic system) regulations in the US market, gasoline evaporative leak detection for fuel tank systems is increasingly being required. Highly sensitive pressure sensors that can measure a 10 kPa range of relative pressure are utilized to detect gasoline evaporative leakage. Fuji Electric has developed a pressure sensor cell for fuel leak detection (FTPS: fuel tank pressure sensor) that uses a CMOS process-based digital trimming scheme. This paper presents a product overview, discusses considerations relating to the high sensitivity and burst pressure design, and reports the results of a product evaluation.

Even more, the product overview explains info about characteristics, high sensitivity, resistor, absolute pressure, high accuracy, linearity, cross sections, mounting methods, production, operating, product evaluation, output voltage, and sensitivity.

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