Development of Weak Radiation Power Measurement Technique-Paper

There are lots of explanation such as receivers, radiation, diagram, calibration, and frequency are explained inside the paper. This paper tells us things such as temperature, spectrum, samplers, and block diagram.

In this paper the reader can learn explanation about weak radiation, spectrum analyzer, noise, and output. These are grabbed from the paper:

Development of Weak Radiation Power Measurement Technique UJIHARA Hideki 1, TAKEFUJI Kazuhiri1,SEKIDO Mamoru1,.ICHIKAWA Ryuichi1, and KOYAMA Yasuhiro1 1 Kashima Space Research Center, National Instiutute of Infomation and Communication Technology 893-1,Hirai, Kashima, Ibaraki, 314-8501, Japan E-mail: {ujihara,takefuji,sekido,richi,koyama} Abstract A Measurement system for very week radiation such as from Ultra Wide Band(UWB) devices or ZigBee, PLC, and so on. Mid-band system set to detect UWB impulses, low-band system for lower noise under 3GHz, high-band system for upper band noise and nearby frequency of UWB, also partially cooperated with low-band system in 2.0-3.0GHz as an array antenna for angular resolution. 3.1 System Noise and Fluctuation Noise temperature of LNA and whole system limit sensitivity of the system in short time scale and gain fluctuation of LNA affects S/N in long term.

Giving more content, the paper explains info around image rejection, system, measurement, and sirius system.

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