Digital Blood Pressure Meter, Freescale’s Application Note

Many information around blood, sensor, diastolic pressure, resolution, design, diastolic blood pressure, application, error, display, analysis, and signal are presented inside this application note. This application note contains explanation like voltage, cuff, microcontroller, pulse rate, integrated pressure sensor, freescale, blood pressure meter, liquid crystal display, pressure meter, and software.

Inside the application note the reader can learn information related to integrated circuits, oscillation, systolic, converter, measurement, filter, diastolic, system, input, blood pressure, and pressure sensor. These are grabbed from the application note:

Mean arterial pressure (MAP) is located at the point of maximum oscillation. This application note describes a Digital Blood Pressure Meter concept which uses an integrated pressure sensor, analog signal-conditioning circuitry, microcontroller hardware/software and a liquid crystal display. The sensing system reads the cuff pressure (CP) and extracts the pulses for analysis and determination of systolic and diastolic pressure.

Additionally, this application note explains information around cuff pressure, hardware, pressure, technical information, signal amplifier, systolic pressure, circuit, amplifier, cut off frequencies, and concept.

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