Digital Infrared Proximity Sensor fro Nex Robotics

This product information presents info related to infrared, sensing, light, output, and proximity sensor. In this product information we can find info regarding indicator, proximity, distance, and robotics.

There are many information regarding light intensity, reflected light, infrared proximity sensor, and digital are explained in this product information. Below are grabbed from this product information:

Digital infrared proximity sensor is used for sensing presence of obstacles. These sensors give logic 1 output when the object comes close to the sensor. This sensor only responds to 38 KHz modulated infrared light which makes it immune to disturbance caused by ambient light. This module has one input pin for external 38 kHz signal (as shown in fig. below). The TSOP-1738 is used to detect the reflected light from the obstacles. Whenever TSOP-1738 receives the reflected light above some threshold it pulls down its output pin. To control the sensing distance of the sensor, intensity of the IR LED can be varied. This is done by adjusting blue potentiometer on the sensor. To calibrate this sensor for particular sensing distance first minimize the IR LED’s light intensity by turning 1K pot fully clockwise and place obstacle at the desired distance, say 10cm.

Additionally, the product information explains more regarding sensing distance, intensity, turning, and sensor.

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