Dissertaion About CMOS Stress Sensor Circuit

Many explanation like sensor, sensors, stress sensors, cmos stress sensor, stress, drain current, design, and sample are explained inside this dissertation. This dissertation gives us information regarding circuits, current, piezoresistive effect, frequency, characterization, characterization system, output, and noise level.

Inside the dissertation you can get things around output characteristics, voltage, signal, measurement, schematic, noise, the piezoresistive effect, and stress distribution. Here are grabbed from the dissertation:

Two CMOS piezoresistive stress sensor circuits based on piezoresistive MOSFETs (PiFETs) are the focus of this dissertation. The first design is a multiplexed array of 512 piezoresistive sensors fabricated on a 2.2 by 2.2mm2 tiny chip. This array is composed of a PMOS array of 256 sensors and an NMOS array of 256 sensors, and an on-chip counter is used to scan the sensors in the array sequentially so that the sensors can be accessed with a limited number of I/O pins from the chip, allowing the data to be collected very efficiently. In the second design, a PMOS current mirror is used as a sensor cell and a delta-sigma modulator is used to detect the mismatch induced by stress. The output of the circuit is a modulated square wave that includes the sensor response information, and this can be either captured by digital equipment such as a counter, or by a radio receiver. The duty cycle of the output and DSBSC (Double side-band suppressed carrier) signal tone shift are proportional to the mismatch or applied stresses.

Furthermore, this dissertation gives the reader info regarding piezoresistive, calibration, bias current, system, stress sensor, sensor cell, piezoresistive stress sensors, and circuit.

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