Distance Sensing for Mini-robots: RSSI vs. TDOA

In this paper the reader can get description around embedded systems, sensor, implementation, distance, signal strength indicator, rate, window, network board, sensor network, autonomous mini robots, networks, sensor network board, estimation, localization, and audio signal. This paper presents things such as standard deviation, pulse, deviation, signal, time, wireless sensor, navigation system, measurement, resolution, discrete time, mini robotic platforms, power, transmitting board, robots, and strength.

Many things related to sensing, mobile computing, audio pulse, received signal, based distance estimation, transmitting, received signal strength, range, error, distance sensing, standard, sound, sensor networks, methods, and hamming window are described in the paper. Below are selected from this paper:

This paper reports a compact, robust distance-only sensor for networked small robotic platforms. Two methods of sensing distance (neglecting heading) between robots are discussed: Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). Both implementations make use of a commercially available wireless sensor network board for communication and processing. Although RSSI requires no additional hardware, TDOA requires several additional components including a sound source and microphone. While experimental results indicate that both methods can provide distance sensing within a local neighborhood, TDOA sensing was found to be more robust and accurate, providing 1 cm distance resolution over a range of 80 cm versus 2.4 cm for RSSI. These sensors have been integrated onto mini-robotic platforms by incorporating a heading estimator and controller.

In addition, the paper presents more such as buzzer, hardware, distance resolution, algorithm, signal strength, system, actual distance, wireless sensor networks, wireless, directional sensitivity, network, distance measurement, indicator, and angle.

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