Distance Sensor DT0201-1 Datasheet and User Manual

Inside the datasheet you can learn things such as range, logger’s sample rate, experiments, loudspeaker, setup, program, sensor, and distance. Lots of things regarding toolbar, distance sensor input, motion, cart, sample, logger, multilab software, and rate are described inside the datasheet.

The datasheet presents things regarding displayed position, velocity, data logger, properties, acceleration, sample rate, reflecting surface, and software. Below are some excerpt from this datasheet:

Distance Sensor DT020-1 The Distance sensor can be connected to the Nova5000, MultiLogPRO or TriLink data loggers. 1 Sensor Specification Range: 0.2 m – 10 m Accuracy: 2% over entire range Resolution (12-bit): 2.44 mm Sampling Rate: Up to 50 samples per second Receiver Viewing Angle: Features: Data Logger Input Type: Recommended Sensor Usage: ± 15 ° to ± 2 0° Reports position, velocity and acceleration Digital Operate while the AC/DC adapter powers the data logger Technical Notes • As this sensor is current consuming, it is highly recommended to operate it while the AC/DC adapter powers the data logger.

In addition, the datasheet gives the reader information such as measurement, sensor input, position measurement, distance sensor, data, adapter powers, and current reading.

Download Distance Sensor DT0201-1 Datasheet and User Manual pdf
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