Distributed Object Tracking Via Wireless Sensor Network

There are many information related to network, distributed object, sensor networks, tracking, distance sensitive network, wireless sensor network, and objects are explained in the paper. This paper gives you information like sensitive, algorithm, distance sensitivity, sensitive network service, wireless sensor networks, and basic trail protocol.

In this paper the reader can get explanation about distance, performance, distance sensitive, distributed object tracking, tracking data, and trail. Below are excerpted from this paper:

In this paper, we present a wireless sensor network protocol, Trail, that supports distance sensitive tracking of mobile objects for in-network subscribers upon demand. Trail achieves a find time that is linear in the distance from a subscriber to an object, via a distributed data structure that is updated only locally when the object moves. Notably, Trail does not partition the network into a hierarchy of clusters and clusterheads, and as a result Trail has lower maintenance costs, is more locally fault-tolerant and it better utilizes the network in terms of load balancing and minimizing the size of the data structure needed for tracking

Also, the paper tells the reader discussion regarding wireless sensor, sensitive network, tracking structure, trail, sensor network, and stretch factor.

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