DO1200 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor User Manual

The user manual contains information regarding pressure, oxygen, sensor, and temperature. In the user manual you can find information such as concentration, measurement, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved.

There are many info around oxygen concentration, range, turbulent conditions, and standard atmospheric pressures are presented inside the user manual. These are grabbed from the user manual:

The DO1200 is designed to measure Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature. It includes complete linearity correction and temperature correction over a wide range, thereby maintaining its factory accurate calibration while in the field. Each sensor is individually calibrated over span and temperature. The DO1200 conforms to SDI-12 version 1.2. 2. Packaging Media compatibility should be checked before using the sensor and advice sought from Greenspan if any doubt exists. The 316 stainless body can be used in the majority of situations, but care should be taken against possible corrosion in high Chloride or Ferric solutions.

Also, this user manual contains information things like calibration, atmospheric pressure, and gain correction.

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