DS1722 Digital Thermometer with SPI/3-Wire Interface

Lots of information around chip, timing diagram, diagram, thermometer resolution, temperature, conversion mode, input, digital thermometer, pin, wire, and digital supply voltage are presented inside the datasheet. In the datasheet we can read things regarding serial data, supply voltage, transfer, electrical characteristics, analog, voltage, serial interface, mode, continuous conversion mode, conversion time, and temperature sensor.

This datasheet gives you discussion like byte burst transfer, register, thermometer, device, write data transfer, interface, address byte, serial data input, bit, wire communication, and data transfer. Below are chosen from this datasheet:

The factory-calibrated temperature sensor requires no external components. The DS1722 is in a powerconserving shutdown state upon power-up. After power-up, the user may alter the configuration register to place the device in a continuous temperature conversion mode or in a one-shot conversion mode. In the continuous conversion mode, the DS1722 continuously converts the temperature and stores the result in the temperature register. As conversions are performed in the background, reading the temperature register does not affect the conversion in progress. In the one-shot temperature conversion mode, the DS1722 will perform one temperature conversion, store the result in the temperature register, and then return to the shutdown state.

Additionally, this datasheet contains information regarding power, ground, standard, shot conversion mode, configuration, resolution, description, read data transfer, byte, and microcontroller.

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