DS50 Mid-Range Distance Sensor Technical Description

The technical description presents explanation around reliable detection, safe distance, sensor, cable, pulse duration, range, laser class, dimensional drawing, status indicator, switching modes, pulse repetition rate, data, output, range distance, and enclosure rating. In this technical description the reader can get info like dimensions, light, ordering information, switching, mounting bracket, indicator switching, clamp mounting, systems, repetition rate, response time, laser, clamp, detection, and automation.

There are lots of discussion such as protection cover, cable diameter, connection type, distance, switching output, bracket, weather protection, alignment bracket, mounting, connection diagram, alignment, heat protection, dx50, and process are explained inside this technical description. These are some excerpt from this technical description:

The DS50 is a time-of-flight sensor that offers two switching outputs. With a range of up to 10 m, it allows reliable detection at a safe distance. Based on three different switching modes (Distance to Object, Window or Object Between Sensor and Background), any material can easily be detected with the DS50.

Giving more content, the technical description gives us info around distance sensors, safety, precise detection, installation time, switching frequency, pulse repetition, mounting hole, display protection, display, user interface, factory automation, connection, protection, and connector.

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