DTC P2A00 and P2A03 A/F Sensor Circuit Slow Response

Inside this technical data you can find info around ignition, fuel, fuel injection, engine control, response rate, voltage, switch, sensor response, and sensor. This technical data presents things around deterioration level, vehicle, fuel injection volume, heater, sensor circuit, confirmation driving pattern, display, control function, and output.

Lots of discussion around engine control system, control, injection volume, check, monitor, system, response, driving, and response rate deterioration are explained in the technical data. Below are taken from the technical data:

After engine is warmed up, the ECM performs air-fuel ratio feedback control to maintain the air-fuel ratio at the stoichiometric level. In addition, active A/F control is performed for approximately 10 seconds after preconditions are met in order to measure the A/F sensor response rate. During active A/F control, the
ECM forcibly increases and decreases the injection volume a certain amount, based on the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio learned during normal air-fuel ratio control, and measures the A/F sensor response rate. The ECM receives a signal from the A/F sensor while performing active A/F control and uses it to calculate the A/F sensor response rate deterioration level. If the value for A/F sensor response rate deterioration level is less than the threshold, the ECM interprets this as a malfunction and sets the DTC.

In addition, this technical data presents information regarding ignition switch, engine, circuit, slow response, level, rate deterioration level, control system, and tester display.

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