Dynamic Force and Strain Sensors from PCB Piezotronics

Lots of explanation around mounting stud, range, maximum compression, output, frequency, temperature range, strain sensors, standard sensor, upper frequency, strain, sensitivity, measurement, testing, metric mounting, compression, accessories, physical specifications, electronics, output force, amplifier, constant, and sensors are described in the catalog. Inside this catalog we can get info about electronics section starting, signal, frequency response, component, compression range, signal conditioners, connector, mounting, time, constant current, response, axis compression, charge, cables, quartz, hermetic weld, applications, axis sensitivity, axis, impact force, and temperature.

The catalog presents discussion related to time constant, upper frequency limit, sensor signal conditioner, force sensors, duration, signal conditioning, signal conditioner, conditioner, force, model, low frequency response, quartz force rings, specifications, recommended, weld, system, recommended cables, transient events, resolution, frequency limit, and noise. Below are excerpted from the catalog:

Dynamic Force and Strain Sensors Quartz, piezoelectric force sensors are durable measurement devices which possess exceptional characteristics for the measurement of dynamic force events. Typical measurements include dynamic and quasi-static forces as encountered during actuation, compression, impact, impulse, reaction, and tension. Applications for quartz force sensors include balancing, crash testing, crimping, crushing, cutting, drop testing, fatigue testing, forming, fracture testing, machinery testing, materials testing, penetration testing, press monitoring, punching, stamping, tensile testing, and vibration testing.

Even more, the catalog tells us info things like tension, resolution time, stainless steel, electrical specifications, force sensors model, impact, vibration testing, constant height, height, weight, electronics section, noise cables, information, performance specifications, quartz force, polarity compression, polarity, voltage, option, piezotronics, and measurement system.

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