E2A : Omron’s Fully Automated Reliable Proximity Sensor

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This technical information contains things related to construction, omron’s unique modular, proximity sensors, unique modular construction, modular construction, standard sizes, and construction process. Here are some excerpt from this technical information:

Advanced Industrial Automation Omron’s E2A series of proximity sensors is designed to provide highly reliable detection of ferrous metal objects. Omron has developed a unique, fully automated process for producing the E2A series that offers many benefits. The sensors are constructed in a modular fashion from four main sections –the sensing module, the output module, the body and theconnector. By doing this Omroncan adapt the product quickly to suit customised specifications. Product calibration is muchhigher, tolerances are much tighter, and the manufacturing process is much more efficient. All of which results in a veryhigh quality, cost-effective product

Furthermore, the technical information explains more such as omron, standard, modular construction process, double sensing, specifications, and standard connections.

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