Economic Measurement Techniques With the Comparator A Module from Texas Instruments

Inside the application report we can get info like register, comparator output, charge method, comparator input, discharge, measurement, application, current, timer, low pass filter, comparator input sampling, fast, measurement techniques, input, techniques, and reference resistor. Many discussion regarding temperature sensor, time interval, sensor, floating point package, application report, comparison, measured time intervals, comparator, calculation, measurement accuracy, output signal, method, control, internal references, and timer register block are presented inside the application report.

The application report presents things regarding register block, charge time, internal reference, resistor, input voltage, timer clock, voltage, voltages, control registers, sensor bridges, capacitor, external voltages, resistance measurement, digital motor control, and economic measurement. These are selected from the application report:

The following measurement sequence is the fastest way to accomplish this using Comparator_A inputs. After n input checks, a majority test, or its equivalent, can be performed to reach a conclusion. Figure 5 shows the hardware used for this example. The software samples the voltage generated by the current IMEAS over resistor Rm—a voltage drop higher than 0.25×VCC sets CAOUT, a lower voltage drop resets CAOUT. After n samples, the number of sampled 1s is checked. Any other input combination can also be used. Any of the indirect instructions which read byte CACTL2 used only two CPU cycles. The contents of control register CACTL2 does not change during the n samples, so the number of 1s can be easily found by subtraction of n × (initialized register contents).

Furthermore, the application report tells us information about reference voltage, voltage measurement, measured time, bit, control register, temperature measurement, motor current, reference, time intervals, resistance, economic, discharge method, economic measurement techniques, time constant, and internal modules.

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