Eddy Current Sensor

There are lots of things like standard, mounting, system, setpoint, calibration, resolution, current sensors, range, thermal drift, sensor, and steel are described inside this catalog. In the catalog the reader can read info around input, analog sensor, probe, driver, probe driver, noise levels, precision, current, probe diameter, and output.

The catalog presents things like offset, power, voltage, eddy current, channels, performance, material, bandwidth, cable target, operating environment, and high performance. The following are grabbed from this catalog:

The eddy-currents induced in the target material are dependent on the material’s properties of permeability and resistivity. As a result, eddy-current sensors are sensitive to changes in material. There can be a drastic difference between magnetic (iron, steel) and nonmagnetic (aluminum, copper) materials. Less drastic, but still significant, is the difference between two nonmagnetic materials. The material and alloy must be specified with orders to assure an accurate calibration. Because the magnetic fields penetrate the surface of the target, target materials have minimum thickness requirements; this varies with material type.

In addition, this catalog contains information about field calibration, resolution specifications, analog, specifications, environment, cable, target, output noise, output voltage, and range resolution.

Download Eddy Current Sensor pdf
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