Efficient Light Sensor Circuit for Competent Solar Home Systems

Inside the paper we can learn description regarding renewable energy, efficient, switch, light sensitive device, system, and light sensor. This paper contains discussion about electricity, solar, solar home system, and energy.

There are many info like light sensor circuit, power, smart solar system, power line, and circuit are explained in the paper. The following are some excerpt from this paper:

Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic system is very popular in off-grid areas of Bangladesh. But recently the government is encouraging the use of solar electricity in urban areas too. Now-a-days people have to use solar systems to get e lectricity connection in newly completed buildings to meet certain percentage of their electricity demand. The solar e lectricity is stored in battery and then inverted to alternating curre nt for use. These batteries can also be charged from the power line electricity. In this paper a light dependent switch is designed for the efficient use of solar systems. The light sensitive switch automatically charges the battery from power line after sunset, if the battery is not fully charged. The design of the switch and its analysis is presented using Yenka and O rcad Pspice package.

Furthermore, this paper tells us more such as battery, capacity, sensor circuit, carbon emission, and light.

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