Emerson’s CSI 430 Laser Speed Sensor Datasheet

Inside the datasheet we can learn things related to machinery, health management, shaft, and process. Lots of explanation related to speed sensor, laser speed sensor, machinery health, and machinery health management are explained inside the datasheet.

This datasheet contains things related to laser, reflective tape, speed, and emerson process management. Below are grabbed from this datasheet:

The CSI 430 Laser Speed Sensor measures the turning speed on rotating equipment. It uses a laser beam in conjunction with an advanced signal processing algorithm to measure turning speed without requiring special markings on the shaft. Readings are possible from up to 30 feet away without reflective tape or up to 100 feet away with reflective tape.

Giving more content, this datasheet explains discussion around voltage, reflective, turning speed, and special markings.

Download Emerson’s CSI 430 Laser Speed Sensor Datasheet pdf
File size: 0.174 MB, number of pages: 5, download server: www2.emersonprocess.com
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