Engine Analyzer Series Wideban Oxygen Sensor Installation and Instruction Manual

There are many information like analyzer series, the oxygen sensor, configuration, wideband oxygen sensor, ratio, and oxygen are explained inside the instruction manual. In the instruction manual you can read things regarding wideband oxygen, input, sensor, sample rate, engine, and output.

The instruction manual tells us discussion related to oxygen sensors, oxygen sensor, recording time, calibration resistor, calibration, and the engine analyzer. These are some excerpt from the instruction manual:

When connected to a Generation 7+ Engine Control Module, the following 16 data channels are automatically recorded: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Air-to-Fuel Ratio (selectable from the ECM or the Engine Analyzer) Engine Speed (selectable from the ECM or the Engine Analyzer) Wheel Speed (via the Engine Analyzer Output Shaft Speed Input) Driveshaft Pulse Counts (a function of the Engine Analyzer OSS Input) Manifold Absolute Pressure Throttle Position % Ignition Timing Advance Ignition Knock Retard Fuel Injector Maximum Pulse Width Fuel Injector Maximum Duty Cycle Engine Coolant Sensor Temperature Intake Air Sensor Temperature Ignition Voltage Level Closed Loop Fuel Correction Percentage MST Sensor Input Voltage Engine Outputs Status (Fuel Pump, TCC Output, Nitrous State…) It is recommended that a switch be installed between the Data Logging Enable Input (Auxiliary Input #1) wire and an electrical ground source.

In addition, this instruction manual explains information such as fuel ratio, an oxygen sensor, memory, signal, and air fuel ratio.

Download Engine Analyzer Series Wideban Oxygen Sensor Installation and Instruction Manual pdf
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